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In this section follows some enlargement examples, in which one can compare nearest-neighbor interpolation and Pixenlarge.

The image in the upper left corner is the image in its original size. The lower left image is enlarged with nearestneighbor interpolation and the lower right image is enlarged with Pixenlarge. The tolerance value is the parameter that the user can set in Pixenlarge, so it can determine how much two pixels color may differ and still be considered if they had the same color.

All images in these examples, except a few that I have made my self, have been downloaded from free clipart sites. See the links to the right.

Many of the images are be in the public domain i.e. free of copyright. They should therefore free to use. But please check the originator of every image for terms of use, see the link in the upper right corner in every example page.

Free clipart sites




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